dangerously contagious

i love her, really

i have this “thing” for a girl i get to know more on the net. a pretty girl in the medical field. we talk almost every night. blabbering and chatting about anything or anyone. i know i felt some special feelings for her but we can’t be together. i am pre occupied with other people (girls). she is committed to someone else. then one time i said i love her. she was surprised yet i know she liked it. our time will come soon. i’m pretty sure of that. so fucking sure. but for now, we will just chat every night, imagining of the future we wanted to have, daydreaming, til we are lost into oblivion.

  1. anticlimactik said: hihi sweeet
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    LOL I’m surprised but let’s not downplay it. You were busy with what? 16 girls? You never noticed me, but you…You had me...
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